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5.1 MicroScribe SpaceClaim add-in

SKU: HIPP SW $5,295.00
HIPP 2017 - Integrated Point Processing ADD-IN for SOLIDWORKS Turbo Charge SCAN 3D with Point cloud processing Processs large object point clouds and move to 0,0,0 for quick anaylisis READ millions of points in seconds -PROCESS - restore - re-process- Restore work flow LOAD 3D SKETCH PROFILES OF PROCESS CLOUD DATA- 1000s of ponts for sketch creation Thin Profile Point cloud for quick visualization STL MESH CREATION FROM POINT CLOUD SCAN DATA Set Alignment to CAD to PART drawing coordinates SECTION PROFILE CREATION RADIAL SECTION PROFILE CREATION THIN PROFILES clean Noise in data set Move data scan cloud to center of cloud origin Dynamic orientation in viewport 3D Visulization Point cloud shading as you Process - makes it easier to identify gaps in data Point cloud filter - to enable desired point spacing for faster processing workflow style ribbon - A>B>C> READ-PROCESS-DRAW ALL POINTS-DELETE-THIN-MESH-STL -WRITE xyz scan points name of the Solidworks Delete remove any unnecessary points with Custom Plane Insert / delete keys USE SolidWorks 3D Scan tools to delete unwanted points and re mesh in HIPP PUSH Profile Point cloud to Ordered points for Nurb curve creation COPYRIGHT HighRES, Inc 2009 - 2017 All rights reserved

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