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Cleaning Products in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Are you looking to renew your grandmother’s quilt that has stains from use that never quite came out? Perhaps you’re planning to be married in your mother’s wedding gown but it has yellowed with age? Have you been shopping in a vintage clothing shop, and you’ve fallen in love with the cutest retro dress, but it has awful sweat stains? Retro Clean has the perfect line of cleaning products in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

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7. Heirloom Storage Bag Pattern

SKU: $8.00
Our Retro Clean Heirloom Storage Bags pattern is a perfect storage solution for protecting and documenting your fabric projects and heirlooms. The pattern has instructions for four sizes of bags, which feature a large pocket on the front for documentation.

The bags help deter yellowing, fading, and many other environmental hazards that can impact the original beauty of your prized possession. They also help to raise the awareness of the significance of the piece when used to pass an heirloom on to its next owner. Incorporate materials from your quilt project into the bag, and it will be a wonderful source for repairs decades from now.