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Field Contains Hidden Elements

Field Contains Hidden Elements

"You can do it when you put Durokote II it!"


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08. 1 Quart- Durokote II High Gloss - with XL Technology Additive

SKU: $56.50

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What is XL technology?
Quite simply a rapid cure blend, designed to enhance drying time.
If you've ever had to wait to unmask for fear of dirt or debris falling onto your surface, DUROKOTE II with XL dries in less than 1 hour. Dry. Not tack free. Dry. This special blend will not imprint within 45 minutes of application. Not only can you unmask your work, but you can also recaulk the tub surround and feel the entire surface of the tub for any blemish, run sag or dirt that may be in your finish. This allows you to make the necessary repairs to the job the same day. Saving time and call backs!

Due to the rapid curing process and 30 minute activated pot life, this is only available in quarts.
  • Uses the same 4-1-1 mixing ratio, catalyst and spray control
  • Dry to touch in 45 minutes
  • Wet sand in 1-2 hours
  • Dry sand in 4-6 hours

Custom colors must be a Sherwin Williams number. Please refer to this color chart for Sherwin-Williams colors.


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