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Fiberglass Laminating Rollers are part of the composite tools needed to successfully laminate a Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, or other type of Composite part. Fiberglass Rollers are used during the lamination process after the gel coat has been applied, the use of rollers on wet laminate surfaces are to ensure the air is removed giving a strong bond to the gel coat.
A good fiberglass product is a proper balance of glass and resin with no air pockets. Too much resin—and the part becomes brittle, heavy, and costly. Too little resin means the part will be weak and subject to water or chemical permeation. Air pockets are weak spots subject to water permeation and blister formation. The best way to get the right resin/glass balance and eliminate air bubbles is to use resin rollers.

Resin Rollers
The quickest way to apply an even coat of resin is with our Resin Rollers. If a paint roller is used for fiberglassing, the resin often dissolves the roller core and causes the cover dye to bleed, discoloring your project. Resin rollers stand up to the demands of Vinyl Ester and polyester resins.

When applying mat, these rollers eliminate air and resin pockets. Brushes and squeegees are ineffective in moving resin around or removing air bubbles, because of the short strand structure of mat. The grooves and fins on Rollers are specially designed to ensure thorough saturation without damaging the glass fibers.

Aluminum Rollers
These aluminum rollers set the industry standard for durability and ease of cleaning. They have a reduced bearing surface to extend roll-out time between cleanings and a plugged end that allows no resin or glass to enter. Plastic handles are solvent-resistant for easy cleaning.
When selecting the roller diameter, consider the following factors:
1. Larger diameter rollers are generally easier to clean because their shafts are farther away from the laminate, taking less resin into the opening.
2. Larger diameter rollers have deeper grooves for thicker laminate roll-out.
3. As the diameter of the roller gets smaller, the fins get closer together and more shallow. Smaller diameter rollers relieve the more numerous small bubbles on a thinner laminate.

Radius and Corner Rollers
Radius Rollers have most of the same features as the regular Rollers, except they are designed for concave surfaces and reaching places where straight rollers are ineffective. Corner Rollers have deep fins for air relief in crucial filets and corners.

Bubble Busters are special rollers to use when conventional finned rollers are not efficient at removing the air in a particular laminate. They work well with Knytex and knitted/unidirectional fabrics when air pockets form. Excellent for polyester application and removing air others leave behind. They come in several varieties which are cross cut, pin type and fin type.

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