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Axel XTEND CX-500

SKU: CX-500 $45.00
Solvent system for cleaning molds. Quick flashing, general purpose cleaner to prep molds before application of semi-permanent sealer or release system. May also be used to remove residue from resins, overspray, or excess semi-permanent
Proprietary synergistic blend of hydrocarbon solvents designed for cleaning various tools/molds surfaces

Mold cleaner for use prior to applying semi-permanent release systems. May also be used for other types of cleaning
For heavy accumulation of paste wax or silicone, or buffing compounds, especially those with animal fats, oils, silicones etc
Other cleaners or strippers may be required prior to use of CX-500

Wear chemically resistant protective gloves such as nitrile, neoprene, or butyl. Wash hands frequently and, if convenient, use a protective hand cream. Washing of hands is recommended since CX-500 may penetrate gloves after extended use. Use goggles and do not smoke until hands are completely clean
When cleaning RTV or rubber molds, apply CX-500 to the outside of the mold a few times to determine if there is any harmful effect to these materials

Recommended for use at ambient temperature