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Axel XTEND 1050

SKU: Xtend1050 $172.90
External mold release: An air-drying reactive resin solution that cures to provide a durable semi-permanent coating. Permits multiple releases without transfer at both ambient and elevated temperatures
Proprietary resin solution comprising modified siloxane- based polymers which crosslink and form a release film upon evaporation of the solvent carrier

Easy, wipe on
High Gloss

Ideal for open molding, high yield applications such as
tub/shower and Marine that require class “A” finishes
Molding polyester or vinyl ester resin

For initial application, 2 coats of XTEND XTR mold sealer is recommended prior to application of XTEND 1050

MOISTURE SENSITIVE. KEEP TIGHTLY SEALED. Minimize exposure to atmosphere
Do not return exposed material to can
Store above freezing and below 100ºF / 38ºC. DO NOT DILUTE