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Duratec VE Hi Gloss Topcoat

SKU: 1908-045 $216.59
VE Hi Gloss Topcoat Orange
An easy-to-apply topcoat for pattern surfaces and resurfacing composite molds. 300° F HDT, Tremendous gloss transfer to the mold’s gelcoat. Does not require wax or other additives.
Recommended Uses:
Topcoat for plugs and patterns
Mold Re-Surfacing.
Other open-cure high gloss interior coatings
Porosity – Free Surface
High Gloss: sand and polish to a non-wax, tack free high gloss finish. Transfers a brilliant gloss to tooling gelcoat to eliminate mold sanding.
High HDT: 300° F, 150°C
Easy to apply: Sprays easily though HVLP Spray Guns
Resists Fisheyes: unique additives reduce the risk of fisheyes, pinholes or surface defects.
Smooth Finish: minimal orange peel.