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Can’t find the color you want? We offer gelcoat color matching! Gelcoats by Restex can match any sample within 48 hours after it’s received by our in-house expert, who uses the X-Rite C4200 Spectrophotometer along with 30 years of color matching experience to provide you with the perfect gelcoat color match. If you find it, we can match it!

All of our Gelcoat colors are made with NPG/ISO resin, and have added UV protection, making Gelcoats by Restex the perfect choice for boat gelcoat colors. Gelcoat is commonly used to repair chipped paint on boats, and can also be used in lieu of paint when choosing a new color. Whether you use our gelcoat color matching service, or pick out a brand new boat gelcoat color, you will enjoy the long lasting, durable, vivid color for years to come.

PLEASE NOTE: The gelcoat colors displayed on this website may vary due to differences in monitors, and do not reflect the exact color of the final gelcoat. For the most accurate depiction of the gelcoat colors that we produce, we recommend looking at our physical gelcoat color matching chart. If you are using gelcoat color for boats, we also recommend taking our physical gelcoat color matching chart outdoors to view it in the correct lighting.

Below is a downloadable color chart showing all of our readily available Ral colors, however custom gelcoat colors are available - if you don’t see the color you want, contact a member of our team today!

RAL Color Chart (Download)

Our custom matched Gelcoat colors are
1 Quart - $45
1 Gallon - $101
5 Gallons - $400

Please send your contact details along with your color sample to

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6050 Tri County Pkwy
Texas, 78154