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24 oz/yd2 Woven Roving 50" Wide - 3 Yard Pack

SKU: wr2450-3yd $25.47
24oz/yd2 Woven Roving - 3 Yard Pack
Rapid Build and High Strength for Flat Areas Woven Roving provides an inexpensive means to laminate large, flat areas that call for rapid build-up and high strength reinforcement. It is not suited for applications that require conformability. Woven roving is often used with chopped strand mat (CSM) to reinforce other materials and make repairs. In this specific case, it should be used with polyester or vinyl ester resin only, as the CSM keeps it from being compatible with epoxy. Otherwise, woven roving is compatible with all of the resins on this site.
Features Inexpensive and fast way to laminate large, flat areas. Great for repairs or quick build up.
Woven roving should be used with mat whenever bonding to plywood or making repairs. Will require a finer fabric to block print. Fabrics need to be oriented so the fiber yarns run parallel to the expected loads. If extra strength is needed in a different direction, another ply must be added at an angle to the first. The most common angles are +/- 45 degrees.
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