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17 oz 45+/- Stitched Biaxial 50" Wide - 5 Yard Pack

SKU: dbm170850-5yd $44.95
17 oz/yd2, 50" Wide, Stitched Biaxial - 5 Yard Pack
Target Strength in Two Directions, Lighter Weight. This biaxial cloth is designed to add strength in two directions for finished composite parts. Equal-sized bundles of fiberglass are stitched at +/- 45 degrees using high-strength polyester, with stabilization fibers throughout and 3/4 oz mat. Fibers are not crimped and fabric lays smooth, promoting maximum strength properties. This fabric is ideal for wet lay-up and infusion, and can be used with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resin systems. It is thicker, however, and not suitable for small details.