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Fiberglass Cloth Products

Fiberglass Cloth Products
Fiberglass Cloth

Fiberglass cloth helps reinforce repairs with a high strength-to-weight ratio. Fiberglass cloth is thin and flexible, providing a smooth and transparent finish in cases where resin alone will not provide sufficient strength for the application. The woven fabric is a strong and affordable material used for building molds, creating composite boat building parts, and making quick and cost-efficient repairs.

Fiberglass cloth consists of glass filament strands woven together in specific patterns. The cloth is applied to a surface and covered with resin, which will harden to make a strong surface.

Boat Repairs Made Easy with Fiberglass Cloth

Fiberglass cloth is available in various sizes to allow for specific strength, thickness, and weight needs. Fiberglass cloth provides great strength and durability when layered with a resin to form a hardened composite.

The smooth finish fiberglass fabric produces is ideal for aesthetic purposes such as the waterproofing of wood panels and trim. Fiberglass cloth is also widely used for military applications, as it is considered bulletproof and is stronger and more durable than steel.

Among the features and benefits of using fiberglass cloth for boatbuilding and repairs include:

● Chemical resistance similar to glass
● Durability
● Economical
● Excellent tensile strength
● Fire and heat resistant
● Resistance to expansion or contraction
● Thermal conductivity properties

Glass fibers and fiberglass cloth are commonly used in composite construction, including materials used in boat building. The light-weight material is used with a resin to produce a waterproof surface.

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