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Duratec VE Repair Putty

SKU: 1808-007 $69.62
A high quality BPO catalyzed putty for repairing composite molds
For repairing polyester, vinyl ester and most epoxy molds
Duratec Vinyl Ester Repair Putty restores mold repairs to original condition
This durable vinyl ester paste provides a strong and permanent mold repair
The extremely low filler loading with ultrafine fillers reduces entrapped air giving a low porosity product
The putty can be troweled to 1/4 inch with each application. For thicker requirements sand the repaired area and repeat the process
An HDT of 300°F, 150°C resists thermal breakdown due to exposure to high exothermic or mold temperatures
Surfaces are ready for sanding, compounding, polishing and prepping within 20-30 minutes of application
Includes BPO Hardener