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PE Foam

PE Foam
CarbonFoam PE- A new generation technology structural foam core, superior to current technology PVC and PET foam core in both structural performance and cost-effectiveness. CarbonFoam PE is a closed cell rigid cross-linked Aromatic polyester foam core, manufactured, using state of the art polymer technology. This new technology allows us offer a new generation structural foam core with outstanding properties of strength, resilience and cost-effectiveness as compared to available PVC foam cores. CarbonFoam PE maintains its dimensional stability and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures that current PVC or PET foam cores cannot match. This is particularly applicable to marine deck and floor areas that are exposed to direct sun-generated radiant heat. CarbonFoam PE is non-friable foam core that provides excellent strength-to-weight ratio in sandwich panel and stronger applications. It will not absorb water and is resistant to most solvents and resins. CarbonFoam PE is available in 5 lbs(80 Kg) density. Standard sheet sizes of 48″ x 96″ for plain sheets and 48″ x 48″ for double Contoured and Grid Scored sheets, all cut to the desired standard thickness. Infusion grooving and perforations optional.
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PE Foam Data Sheet PDF (Download)