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04. Academy Radar Pitching Trainer

SKU: RPT5000 $599.00
• Accurately calculates pitcher’s release speed for baseball or fastpitch softball.
• Two Electronic Settings:
• Setting 1- accurately calculates pitcher’s release speed, keeps track of pitch count, calls balls, strikes, outs and walks (simulates a half inning).
• Setting 2 - turns off speed display.
• Software keeps track of pitch count, cumulative strikes, balls, outs and walks. Polycarbonate strike zone required for this feature.
• Works with a catcher.
• Works with weighted training balls.
• Includes a durable Atec Pro Pitcher’s Screen with drop-pocket, high quality 7 x 7 field screen, 16 gauge electronics mounting bracket.
• Displays ball exit speed off a WOODEN BAT from 25 plus feet for youth baseball.
• Instant feedback (soft toss or T work) for youth baseball (up to 70 mph) with a wooden bat.