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03. Bownet Strike Counter Radar Pitching Trainer

SKU: $449.00
• Calculates Ball Speed from 20 to 95mph (Baseball or Fast Pitch Softball)
• Ball Speed Is Calculated from Pitcher's Release Point
• Proprietary Software Records Statistics including Total Pitch Count, Cumulative Strikes, Balls, Outs, & Walks
• Radar On or Off Switch
• Virtual Electronic Umpire Calls Balls, Strikes, Outs & Walks (Simulates a Half Inning)
• Large Electronic Display Can Be Read from 60 Feet in Direct Sun Light
• Long Battery Life — Electronics Run 80 to 100 Hours on 4 D Cells (No Power Cords)
• Durable Heavy-Duty BOWNET Pitching Target & Tripod Sets up or Tears Down in 4 Minutes
• Comes with High Quality Wheeled Travel Bag with Protective Inserts for Easy Portability & Storage