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2. Purr-Fect-Air Filter Replacement

SKU: $12.95
To replace the filter, first unplug Purr-Fect-Air from the power source. Loosen the locking screw and remove top/fan unit from the base and set aside. There is no service to be done in the top/fan unit. The filter is tucked into the base unit. Turn the base over and hold it over a trash can. Push on the screen at the bottom and allow the entire used filter set to fall into the trash. To install the new filter set, push the bottom screen, centered all the way to the bottom of the base. Next push the thick odor removal filters down on top of the bottom screen. Then push the dust filter on top of the odor removal filters. Finally, slide the top/fan unit back onto the base and tighten the locking screw just enough to secure the two units together. Re-insert the power and return the unit to the litter box.

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