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Water Processing TRIPLE Filtration System *PROS PICK

SKU: WPTQC $137.00
This complete unit allows for future quick and easy filter changes, without the need to clean the housings (due to its enclosed nature), or deal with a typical o-ring.
Provides the highest quality filtration with three stages:
Stage 1: 5 micron Sediment, gravel,debris, rust particles
Stage 2: 5 micron High quality carbon block to remove Chlorine/VOC's, taste and odor, and heavy metals.
Stage 3: Sub Micron .1 micron new era ultra-filtration technology for removal of VOC's, scale, total dissolved solids, bacteria & cysts.
NOTE: Filters should be changed annually.
Great to use instead of reverse osmosis systems that are far more complicated and sometimes not very user friendly.

Standard chrome faucet, tubing, accessory kit, and bracket are included for right out of the box installation
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