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Ultraviolet Units

These complete units are a very effective method to address bacterial concerns as well as other microorganisms, such as some cysts, by utilizing a short  wavelength light (ultraviolet) to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying their nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, resulting in their ability to reproduce vital cellular functions and becoming non-pathogenic.  Unlike other means of disinfection, UV does not add any chemicals to the water.
It is most important to note that specific procedures must be followed for UV systems to perform properly, including removal of dirt/debris, hardness, iron, sediment.  In most cases, ultraviolet is used in conjunction with other water treatment.

*UV is not typically needed for city/municipal water where disinfection procedures are in place.

*UV Bulb life is a standard 9000 hrs (1 year)


       Prefiltration of (5 micron or less for sediment) is required directly prior to the unit

       UV light bulbs must be replaced yearly (even if the light is still shining.) 

       Quartz sleeve must be cleaned at each UV bulb replacement with denatured alcohol

       Regular testing of your *WELL water source is highly recommended to determine whether you need this type of unit

Flow rates based on house size and water volume demands, and should be reviewed for proper sizing of the unit

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#UVS15 (3.5 - 6 Baths)

#UVS15 (3.5 - 6 Baths)

UV System 15gpm
#UVS7 (1 - 3 Baths)

#UVS7 (1 - 3 Baths)

UV System 7 GPM
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