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We carry ultraviolet systems to fit small and large homes, as well a vast inventory of replacement parts, because bacterial issues are a serious matter.

Before considering an ultraviolet system, it is highly recommended you speak to a water quality expert to determine the need.  Bacteria can present itself for many reasons, including work done inside the house and can develop subsequent to water heater change outs, fixtures, other types of  plumbing work, and even water treatment system services, such as filter changes and tank services, if proper disinfection was not initiated at the time of such work.  Since most private well do not have a constant supply of disinfection, many times the contamination can be caused inside the home and, thus, may not be an indication of an actual well contamination.

To be sure of what remediation steps to take, a chlorination of the well itself, and a disinfection of the entire distribution system in the home, should be done.  After a minimum two week time period, a bacteria retest is recommended to conclude whether the contamination was indeed within the house, or if the well is actually the source of the problem.  Please visit our  Tutorials page for more information on the " super chlorination" process.  If the process was followed closely, and the bacteria tests positive again, then the recommendation may be to install an ultraviolet system (some water quality restrictions apply) or another form of constant remediation.

Shallow wells are prone to surface intrusion and it is wise to call your local well and septic office to find out the depth and yield of your well.  This will be information that will aid in the  super chlorination process, in addition to a Chlorination Purge Procedure to help  in a succesful result.
Some older wells can also have compromised or pitted well casings which could reult in a bacterial contamination. 
Installation of a water proof well cap is also highly recommended to avoid intrusion of insects such as earwigs which may also create this problem.