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Filters come in different shapes, sizes and a multitude of applications. To get started, it is important to know what the application is, such as, sediment, discoloration, taste and odor, chemicals such as chlorine, lead or other heavy metals, or other concerns such as nitrate, arsenic, or bacteriological.

We realize that the number of available water filters on the market can be overwhelming, so to simplify the selection process for you, we will ask you about your specific water concerns if you need guidance via our consultation.

Save time and money and pick the right solution with assistance from our staff. 
We provide PROS PICK solutions, meaning we will provide you with the best products preferred by PROS based on your concerns. 
We offer our own Purely Water Filters brand, as well as those from Pentek, Shelco, CA Ware, MatriKX and others.

Below we can explore an overview of different filters for your applications.