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4 - One-on-One Virtual Coaching Services

SKU: PPI-Coach $15.00
One-on-One Virtual Coaching Services - Pitchers spend a PPI Trained Pitching Coach their pitching motion video. - Within 24 hours of receiving the video, the PPI responds with the one adjustment that’ll instantly get the Pitcher to deliver more pitches into their target. - The Pitcher begins the process all over again. - Pitchers have 24/7 access to PPI support. - Pitchers living near an Independent PPI Trained Pitching Coach will have the option to get their instruction from the local PPI Coach. - When the Pitcher show the PPI they follow the PPI “Next-Pitch” Location Protocol© and the results aren’t as expected, the Pitcher contacts Skip for steps leading to compensation and program cancellation. - Cost - $15/month, all in.