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3 - Regional PPI Pitching Coach Chapter

SKU: PPI- Regional $120.00
Regional PPI Pitching Coach Chapters - The PPI teaches the Coach how to teach pitch location. - Pitching Coaches receive a complete copy of the PPI “Next-Pitch” Location Protocol© - The Pitching Coach have 24/7 access to PPI support. - The PPI assigns the Pitching Coach a protected geographical area. - The PPI will refer any Pitchers living within this geographical area who requesting one-on-one instruction will be referred to this Pitching Coach. - Before training, the Pitching Coach will be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Non-Compete Agreement. - The PPI will take full responsible for training the Pitching Coach to take accountability for their Pitchers using less effort to throw more strikes. - When the Pitching Coach can tell the PPI their Pitchers follow the PPI “Next-Pitch” Location Protocol© and the results aren’t as expected, contact Skip for steps leading to compensation and program cancellation. - Contact Skip to talk about next steps or to have any questions answered. - Cost - $120/month