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1 - Long-Distance Command Instruction with 24/7 Support

SKU: PPI-Coach $15.00
For a monthly $15 recurring subscription, this on-demand program uses your most recent pitching motions to personalize a command-producing pitching plan. From your digital device, we effectively manage your motion through video chat, voice call, text, and file sharing tools. The process is simple: 1. You send us your pitching motion video. 2. Within 24 hours, we send you the one thing that’ll eliminate the reason(s) gravity caused you to miss your target. 3. You include this recommendation into your pitching motion. 4. When ready, you send us a new video and we begin the process all over again. Your enrollment comes with a no risk, high reward “Performance Protection Plan”. If within your first 14-days in the program, you feel we fail to produce the incremental improvement you expect, you simply cancel your subscription!