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1 - Locate Each Pitch within the Strike Zone with 24/7 Support

SKU: PPI-Coach $15.00
When you enroll, to eliminate any reason for gravity to change your release window from one pitch to the next, we help you personalize your basic skills. By doing so, we ... • Get you to expect each pitch to travel into your Catcher’s intended target, • Make you very competitive against hitters who already know how to hit and • In the end, force you to produce the later-than-usual late ball movement and, no matter the pitch thrown, deceptive fastball arm speed proven to challenge every hitter to make solid contact with any pitch you throw. The process is simple: 1. You send us your pitching motion video. 2. Within 24 hours, we send you the one thing that’ll eliminate the reason(s) gravity caused you to miss the front leg lift you need for success. 3. You include this recommendation into your pitching motion. 4. When ready, you send us a new video and we begin the process all over again. Your enrollment comes with a no risk, high reward “Performance Protection Plan”. If within your first 14-days in the program, you feel we fail to produce the incremental improvement you expect, you simply cancel your subscription!