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Mobility ProMax

SKU: PSI-TD4-12V-PROMAX $137.95  
The PriorityStart! Mobility ProMax is specially designed for mobility applications and replaces the need for dual batteries. If any electrical load has been left on, when the key is turned off, the PriorityStart! Mobility ProMax monitors, detects and automatically disconnects any drain while maintaining starting power and protecting the battery from irreparable damage. Automatically reconnects by operating the headlight switch or operating any installed external switching device, and you start your vehicle. The PriorityStart! Mobility ProMax configuration provides the driver a safety margin of over four minutes to get into the vehicle and be in position to start the vehicle.

• Features Same Benefits of the 12-Volt ProMax
• With a four and a half minutes disconnect delay for SAFETY of the Mobility user!
• Allows enough time for the user to operate their lift / elevator.
• External Switch available!
• Mounting Holster available!

Automatically Always on Duty. Always Remembers. Providing Safety and Peace of Mind.
• *For all other quantities, please contact us directly