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The Cover Leash | CL1 or CL2 spa cover wind straps

SKU: Wind Straps $59.00
This fully adjustable 10' ft wind strap (CL1 only) is designed to keep hot tub covers safe and secure while enduring the elements. The Cover Leash is a "ready to go" cover saver kit. (QTY: 1 Strap) strap specs: Nylon Webbing, Aluminum Load Bearing Carabiners, Marine Stainless Steel Hardware, UV Thread, Rubber Chafe Guards, Specifically designed for the elements! Installs in minutes. For larger spas two straps are recommended. Made in U.S.A. | Strap Company U.S.A. | The Cover Leash | CL1 Adjustable Strap | CL2 Non-Adjustable Strap. please specify whether you would like CL1 or CL2 | The CL1 is adjustable and The CL2 is non-adjustable.