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Aquascape Ecosystem Pond Approach Ecosystem ponds work with nature, not against it, providing an all-natural, low-maintenance piece of paradise. Each component of the ecosystem pond plays a key role in keeping ponds balanced, clean, and clear. Filtration System Includes the use of both a biological and a mechanical filter.
• A BioFalls® filter provides surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize and remove excess nutrients from the water.
• A pond skimmer pre-filters the water and houses the pump, collecting surface debris and reducing pond maintenance.
Rocks and Gravel Rocks and gravel not only protect pond liners, but they also provide tremendous surface area for beneficial bacteria to break down excess nutrients in the water.
Recirculation System Proper water flow throughout the pond helps to maintain necessary oxygen levels, provide beauty, optimize water quality, and minimize maintenance.
Fish Fish make great pets and are an integral part of any ecosystem. Not only do fish provide nutrients for your aquatic plants, but they also graze on excess algae growth, reducing maintenance.
Aquatic Plants Plants, Mother Nature’s true filters, provide color and texture and help to balance the entire pond ecosystem, minimizing maintenance and improving water conditions by absorbing excess nutrients.
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