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5-Position Rotary Switch & Hardware Kit
Includes Mounting Hardware & Knob

SKU: 697012 $19.95

5-Position Rotary Switch & Hardware Kit

This versatile switch can be found in many models of battery chargers, and can also be used as
a cost-effective retro-fit to replace more expensive OEM switches in many others. Designed to be easy to install through a 7/16" stem-mounting hole. Wire terminals use .250" industry-standard
solderless push-on connectors. No specialty tools required.

When oriented with the "OFF" position at 12 o'clock, this switch has 4 contact positions
at the 2, 4, 6, and 8 o'clock positions.


• "OFF" Position, plus 4 Contact Positions.
• Mounts in 7/16" panel hole with included panel nut and lock washer.
• Straightforward instructions and simple design allows easy installation. No special tools are required.


• .250" Push-on connectors.
• Switch body - 1.67"H x 1.67"W x 1.00"D
• Stem - .80"L x 6MM (.236") Dia


• 5-position rotary switch.
• Pointer-style knob with set screw.
• Mounting fasteners & hardware.
• Instruction sheet.