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Please Note:  The information listed below is for reference only as our scope and features change faster than information can be updated.  This information is for internal use only. At no point should any information besides examples be emailed to customers.

Provide the customer basic information on the item as what the item does, basic features, how it helps their business.  For specific questions including: price, what is included, hours, discounts, etc.  Even if listed, advise the customer that you will submit an internal request (Agency Quote Form) and a knowledgeable Agency Consultant will contact them to discuss their questions and concerns as our Agency Consultants are knowledgeable of all products and have the most up to date information and resources to address their concerns.

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  • Service Description
  • What's Included
  • Client FAQs
  • Sales Questions
  • Requirements
  • Objection Handling
+ Aabaco/Yahoo!
+ nsCommerceSpace
+ Shopify
+ 1ShoppingCart/SCeC

PROJECT SCOPE Agency will design and program a responsive website. When a user browses the site on any device, the site will render to fit the screen size. Agency reserves the right to show or hide information on pages that may break the layout of the site. All features included in this agreement, will meet the requirements of the responsive site unless otherwise noted. For compatibility requirements, unsupported or 3rd party features may be hidden when a user views the site on a mobile device. The client is responsible for the population of the site. Agency is not responsible for the content of the site. Agency will set all default functionality of the pages listed within this agreement so no site breakage occurs.

Client acknowledges and agrees that any existing custom functionality may be overwritten during the design process and reinstating such functionality is not deemed part of this project unless explicitly noted herein.

# Included Design & Programming #
+ Home Page Design: Includes 1 design concept (up to 2,500px tall), 2 revisions, and programming necessary to apply the new look and styles. The website ""Shell"" used on the Home Page will be applied to all internal pages.
+ Category Page Template: All internal category (""section"") pages will be based on the default store layout and default store functions.
+ Product Page Template: All internal product (""item"") pages will be based on the default store layout and default store functions.
+ Checkout Page Template: Internal checkout (""cart"", ""shipping/billing"", ""review"", and/or ""confirmation"") pages will be based on the default store layout and default store functions.
+ AddThis Installation
+ Product Click To Enlarge
+ 404 Page Template
+ Mailing List sign up
+ Product Information Table
+ Product Cross-sell
+ Graphic Add-To-Cart Button Design
+ Secure Shopping Graphic
+ Fav Icon
+ Upload up to 10 products for Client

# 3 Regular Features #
Client may choose from the list of Regular Features below and select up to 3 that will be installed into the website during the design project. Any additional features are charged separately. Available Features (Choose up to 3):
+ Banner Carousel (""Sequence Banner"")
+ Cascading Menu
+ Monster Menu (""Monster Nav"")
+ Tabbed Product Information
+ Banner Design (3 Pack)
+ Contact Form Request
+ Randomly Displayed Testimonials
+ Key Product Icons
+ Product Carousel (Product Scroller)
+ Text Logo Design

1. Standard 10% Sales discount applies.
2. Client content will not always fit, Client is responsible for the content on all info pages, as well as HTML in all default fields (ie: Caption on the item page).
3. Aabaco/Yahoo! Advanced Search can NOT be used with the Responsive Layout as it is not compatible with the mobile viewport. This does not apply to regular Aabaco/Yahoo! store site search which is fine.


Introducing Responsive Design:
FAQ About Responsive:

1. Responsive Sequence Banner
2. Responsive Custom Item/Home pages
3. Click to Enlarge w/ Zoom

1. The 3 default pages for Category (""Section"") and Product (""Item"") and Cart pages will be assigned 1.5 hours. The sections images are replaced and the fonts updated."
+ Aabaco/Yahoo!
+ nsCommerceSpace
+ Shopify
+ 1ShoppingCart/SCeC
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