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PJ's Little Animal Paper Doll ~ Tuppy, the Little Puppy ~ One Doll, One Outfit

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Tuppy, the Little Puppy is one of ten little animal paper dolls in PJ's LAPD set. Look for the other Little Animal Paper Dolls listed below: Neddy, the Little Teddy - a little train engineer Gunny, the Little Puppy - a little western sheriff Smitty, the Little Kitty - a little blacksmith Rocky, the Little Foxy - a little hockey player Merle, the Little Squirrel - a little baseball player Browsey, the Little Mousey - a little hobo Peppy, the Little Sheppy - a little old timey cop Roany, the Little Pony - a little western cowboy Toni, the Little Pony - a little western cowgirl