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"H" Hook

SKU: $3.99
Get the most out of your finesse worm with this 1/0 hook. This hook features out lightest wire and barbs. Remember to insert the oversized eye into the plastic in order to secure the bait in place. This hook works well with all of the following baits and many more:

"H" Hook Baits:

4" Lizard
4" Hog Baits
Zoom U-Tail Worms
Zoom Super Fluke Jr.
Creature Style Baits
Crème Lures 6" Scoundrel
Zoom Shaky Tail
Zoom 4" Dead Ringer
Zoom Shaky Head Worm
Robo Worms
Zoom U-Tail
Finesse Worm
Shaky Worm
Zoom Swamp Crawler
And Many More