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“E” Hook (Out Of Stock)

SKU: $3.99
The “E” hook is designed to work perfectly with the 6” Lizard. It can accommodate mid-range baits from 9” to 11”, as well as 5” Senkos. They are designed to sit high up on the hook so that the eye in concealed. This hides the hook and keeps the bait in place. Our “E” hooks work with all of the following baits and many more:

6” Lizard
5” Senko
Super T-Mac
10” Ribbon Tail
5” Super Fluke
S.K. 6.5” Finesse Worm
S.K. Super Finesse Worm
S.K. Zero
V&M 9.5” Lizzie
V&M 8 ½” Wild Thang
Fluke Stick
5” Dinger