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Practical Guide to Ballooning

SKU: 007 $30.00
This is the best line working tape I’ve seen. You can tell Paul twists for lines of kids a lot. He understands making the kid the Star, big fast and easy, and the theory of the fully inflated balloon. He has a very controlled way to end the line. Paul is very deliberate and clear in his twisting. This tape assumes you have basic twisting skills. The bits and lines he uses are good. The studio quality is low tech, only one camera angle. I Highly recommend these tapes for their content. Includes: Heart flower, lover’s braid, puppy love, teddy bear, bunny rabbit, braid with heart, Indian hat, princess crown, balloon man, flowers, monkey on a tree, tiger, a quack attack (duck) hat, bow & arrow, ninja staff, nun-chuck, light saber, swords.
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