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Balloon Routines by Paul Belanger

SKU: 015 $20.00
These are a demonstration of 4 original balloon performances by Paul Belanger. The first is a routine called the “Brain Connection”, originating around 1989 which is a simple interactive routine using 4 volunteers who are connected together to solve a puzzle. Since then it has branched out into almost a dozen variations, adapting to many themes. Second routine is called “The Great Escape” originating around 1987of which Paul is tied up with rope and escapes in front of the audience, but not before many volunteers are paired off and handcuffed together with balloons. The fun is watching everyone trying to escape, but never tell them how it is done because it spoils the surprise. This routine has been performed with teenagers, but also many adult corporate events including and event with Supreme Court Justices, Senators and Congressman! Third routine is an interactive human bowling routine done with balloons in Belgium at the Millenium Jam around 2010. Look for the surprise ending. Fourth routine is a Valentine routine done at weddings, or adult events where the bride and groom are the volunteers. This particular video is a couple in the audience in Shanghai, China during Valentine’s day. Many times it is actually done with me dressed as Cupid in a balloon costume, once the heart is formed. There has actually been real proposals with the balloon ring at some events! (download only)
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