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PACE 1039 Mini-Mite(TM)

With ratchet hand crank, roll grooves 1 1/4" to 6" Schedule 40 or thin wall steel pipe on the scaffold or anywhere power is unavailable. Capacity: 1 1/4" through 6" Schedule 40 (7mm) 2" through 8" Copper Tube K, L, M, and DWV This service tool goes from in-place grooving and can be chucked in a RIDGID(R) Model 300 in seconds with no gearbox removal. The product is self-contained and can be operated with its own multi-function crank, so no other tools are needed. All hex drives on the 1039 are 15/16", so one wrench fits everything. Mini-Mites(TM) require no modifications or parts changes to groove any pipe or tubing in their size range. Each comes with a multistep depth gauge. STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Ratchet with 15/16" deep socket OPTIONAL: 2" through 8" Copper Roll Set