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Model 8100 - Buck-on Machine

Fast, Accurate Fitting, Installation on 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 2" Pipe. Infinite Torque Adjustment Range Easy to Operate Engineered for Production Work No Bushing Boxes Required The PACE Buck-on Machine helps you improve productivity by bucking-on a wide variety of fittings quickly and accurately. It reduces the time you spend waiting for pipe and fittings to be joined. And that improves profitability. PACE has streamlined the buck-on process with a new clutch design and universal cam chuck. The new clutch allows an infinite range of adjustment for better results with any type of pipe dope. The simpler clutch design also means greater reliability, eliminating costly downtime. In addition, the universal cam chuck saves setup time by eliminating the need for keys and box liners. EASY TO OPERATE To use the PACE Buck-on Machine, you simply turn the knob until the indicator needle matches the prescribed pressure setting. Then place the fitting into the jaws, adjust the size with a hex key, slide the pipe in place, and use the foo switch to clamp the pipe. The air system will clamp the pipe with the proper pressure automatically. It also assures safety by locking out the start cycle unless the pipe jaws are clamped. BUILT FOR PRODUCTION WORK Pace has engineered the Buck-on Machine to stand up to the rigors of all-day, everyday use. Its electronic motor, cooling fan, and filters are housed on a sturdy steel cabinet. MODEL 8100 SPECIFICATIONS Height: 43" Width: 34" Depth: 34" Motor: 3 HP, 3 phase, 220V Weight: 650 lbs. STANDARD EQUIPMENT Guard comes ready to run, as shown in the picture. OPTIONAL: 1/2"–3/4" Pipe inserts, Box Jaws