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Capacity: 1" through 12" pipe (25-305mm) Schedule 40 Model 2112 is a full power version of the Model 1112 and includes a self-contained hydraulic system capable of applying 15,000 psi at the point of roll grooving to handle pipe up to 12" diameter Schedule 40. The hydraulic pump, a 1-hp pump motor, and reservoir are housed in the unit's sturdy steel base. Once the Automatic Depth Stop is set, the operator depresses a footswitch, and the machine rolls the groove to the predetermined depth. Moving the Pressure Release Handle retracts the hydraulically powered Ram so the operator can remove and check the groove. Model 2112 is shipped completely assembled. MODEL 2112 SPECIFICATIONS Capacity: 1" through 12" Schedule 40 (10mm) 2" through 8" Copper Tubing K, L, M, and DWV Pipe Rotation Speed: 35 RPM Hydraulic Pressure at Roller: 15,000 psi max. Spindle Height from Floor: 35" (889mm) Electric Drive Motor: 1 1/2 HP 60Hz 110 V 1 PH Hydraulic Pump Motor: 1 HP 60 Hz 110V 1 PH Floor Space Required: 30" x 22" (762x559mm) Shipping Weight: 470 lbs. (213 kg) Interchangeable Rollers: TOP PIPE DIAMETER/ BOTTOM PIPE DIAMETER 1" through 1 1/2" (25-38mm)/ 1" through 1 1/2" (25-38mm) 2" through 6" (51-152mm)/ 2" through 6" (51-152mm) 8" through 12" (203-305mm)/ 8" through 12" (203-305mm) *Other current characteristics available. STANDARD EQUIPMENT Electric Drive Motor Limit Switch for Depth Gauging Groove Depth Gauge Hydraulic Pump Motor Hydraulic Pump Top and Bottom Rollers 1" through 12" Guards Footswitch Nipple Bracket OPTIONAL: Top and Bottom 2-8" copper tube grooving roll sets, Bottom 2-12" 10 Gauge stainless steel bottom rolls.