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Model 1012 - 1" through 12" SCHEDULE 40 PORTABLE ROLL GROOVER

When the ultimate is required in your grooving needs 1" through 12" Schedule 40, the PACE model 1012 will answer those needs. This PACE design -- with new hydraulic ratio along with advanced spindle design -- allows greater strength and pressure in a compact package for grooving up to 12" Schedule 40, using a standard model RIDGID(R) 300. A hydraulic hand pump will deliver increased pressure for grooving up to .406 wall pipe to specification quality grooves. Top and bottom roll changes are easy with cross taper pin in the bottom roll and socket set screw in the top roll for positive no-slip design. Like all PACE Roll Grooving tools, the model 1012 is designed for trouble-free service. MODEL 1012 SPECIFICATIONS Capacity: 1" through 12" 40 (10mm) 2" through 8" Copper Tubing K, L, M, and DWV Shipping Weight: 125 lbs. Interchangeable Rollers: TOP PIPE DIAMETER/ BOTTOM PIPE DIAMETER 1" through 1 1/2" (25-38mm)/ 1" through 1 1/2" (25-38mm) 2" through 6" (51-152mm)/ 2" through 6" (51-152mm) 8" through 12" (203-305mm)/ 8" through 12" (203-305mm) STANDARD EQUIPMENT Grooved Depth Gauge Hydraulic Hand Pump Shipping/Storage Box Rollers as specified in Price List Pipe Nipple and Stabilizer Bracket Guards OPTIONAL: Top and Bottom 2-8" copper tube grooving roll sets. Bottom 2-12" 10 Gauge stainless steel bottom rolls