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Unlock Your Leadership Greatness For Students

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Have a glimpse of the real world by reading “Unlock Your Leadership Greatness For Students.” This informative book helps college students prepare for the competitive world that they will step into after graduation. It talks about the 10 keys to success for students in the aspects of work, school, play, and life. Published by Watchwell Communications, Inc.

Unlock Your Leadership Greatness – For Students Endorsements

“If you’re ready to learn how to become a better leader, then read and absorb the strategies in this book by Orlando Ceaser! Orlando truly cares about helping others and his ideas will make a positive difference in your life!”
-Joe Theismann, Legendary NFL Champion Quarterback NFL Football TV Commentator, Featured in the Hit Movie, The Blind Side

“This excellent book shows you how to be a better student, get better grades, and succeed in every part of your life.”
-Brian Tracy, Legendary Speaker, Author, Trainer & Consultant Top-Selling Author of 70 books – Spoken for 5,000,000 people in US, Canada & 73 other countries

“Orlando Ceaser is a wonder of the world. He has written several monumental books that focus on growth of the human spirit, intellect, and an overall ethic of care. Unlock Your Leadership Greatness for Students continues that work for a new era of individual: The Millennial.”
- Garrard McClendon, Ph.D., Professor, Author, Talk Show Host

“Orlando has taken his experience and written an amazing book to help young adults achieve their leadership greatness.”
-Craig Duswalt, Speaker, Author, Radio Host and Creator of Rock Star Marketing Former Manager of Axl Rose of the Rock-n-Roll Band Guns N’ Roses www.CraigDuswalt.com

“This book is the secret weapon that every student and aspiring leader can use to achieve the success they are looking for. Orlando Ceaser has put together a collection of unforgettable leadership as well as life’s lessons and tips, easy to use strategies and principles that are incredibly noteworthy and valuable to any student. His 10 Keys are truly magical, and I am recommending this book to all students and college campuses across the globe. Well done!”
-John Formica, The “Ex-Disney Guy,” America’s Customer Experience Speaker and Coach

"Every student needs to read this brilliant book by my friend Orlando Ceaser! It will change your life!”
-James Malinchak, Featured on ABC's Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire" Author of “Millionaire Success Secrets,” Founder, www.BigMoneySpeaker.com

“Orlando's top 10 List is drawn from years of experience. The guidance provided will accelerate each student’s movement up the learning curve."
-Kevin Harrington, Original “Shark” on ABC’s TV Show, “Shark Tank” CEO, Kevin Harrington Enterprises

“Internal motivation requires a system to be successful. Orlando has given students what they need to accomplish their goals."
-Jill A. Lublin, Master Publicity Strategist, 3 X Best Selling Author & International Speaker, (www.JillLublin.com)

“Students will find great benefits and inspiration from Orlando’s Book.”
-Travis Brown, Educational Consultant and International Speaker

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