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Unlock the Secrets of Ozone Leadership

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The climate within some organizations is toxic. Leadership may not be aware of the sweltering heat that suppresses effectiveness. The culture prides itself on being tough enough to get the job done at all costs. When expectations are not met, leadership may inadvertently or intentionally rain unrelenting fire and pressure upon its employees.

The Ozone Leader is a practitioner of Ozone Leadership principles. In Unlock the Secrets of Ozone Leadership, John, a manager is summoned to the office of Robert, his manager, for what he thinks is a favorable meeting with his boss. However, he is greeted by Robert and Penny, the Vice-President of Human Resources. He is shocked and feels ambushed. Apparently his team has written a letter to the President of the company complaining about his leadership style.

He is incredulous, because he modeled his leadership after his manager and the manager modeled his skill after the President. The entire organizational culture was a reflection of Senior Leadership. Robert agreed with his assessment, but noted that no one in the company has ever had a letter written to the President. He was placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (probation) and given an assignment to improve with the help of an outside organization, Ozone Leadership, Inc.

Follow John on his review of his leadership practices as he explores the emotional roller coaster of reviving his career. He will:

• Examine the 5 components of Ozone Leadership; protective, selective, corrective, directive and effective and its positive impact on his team
• Address global warming and pollution in the workplace
• Review eight ways a leader can alienate and frustrate their team to impede performance
• Create an early warning system to strategically anticipate problems and set the stage for rapid course correction
• Review the acid rain of negativity and its destructive nature within a team
• Restore trust in leadership

Unlock the Secrets of Ozone Leadership contains natural principles to move individuals and teams from acceptable to exceptional results at work, home and school.

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