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The Isle of Knowledge

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Problem solving and decision making are important aspects of leadership, production, goal achievement and innovation. People may not have a uniform method in addressing these issues. The Know System™ is a portable thinking model that provides a simple way for adults and students to address critical challenges in life.

The Isle of Knowledge is a fable about a journey to a fictional island in the South Pacific. The island is a pilgrimage destination for inspiration and self discovery. The listener will learn practical and valuable lessons about decision making through mastering the Know System™.

The Know System™ is a process to assist people in asking the right questions to gather the information needed to make better decisions. Components of the Know System™ are found in many decision making models, such as time management, change management and problem solving. The Know System™ is simple to use and can be applied to any situation requiring a decision.

The Isle of Knowledge and the Know System™ are the foundation for the Powerful Decision Making workshops and numerous books and workshops on leadership.