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FREE – To Live, Love, Look, Listen, Learn and Lead

To be free is one of the most powerful phrases in any language. People spend their waking hours wishing for this mental and physical state of being. Conflicts on many levels are waged so that someone or something can be liberated. “Free” is a provocative book by Orlando Ceaser. It uses prose and poetry to address many of life’s pressing issues. The book of 93 poems is divided into 5 modules which follow the WAFFLE Approach (Women, Achievement, Freedom, Family and Life Experiences). Each module is introduced with a short essay providing context for the poems that follow. The basic premise is that we are free or deserve to be free. We are at our best when we are free to celebrate life and the challenges it gives us. Six of the poems were written to commemorate the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. They are; America, for which it stands; America, the dream, Hope: For the difficult days ahead; In our lifetime; The right to vote and We are thankful for today. These poems serve as a retrospective analysis of our status after his 8 years in office. Many people are not free. They may be physically in bondage. They are in prisons, camps or reservations. But, there are those who are physically free, but in bondage to substances, behaviors and environments and other things. Each of us, if we are not careful, can be enslaved at some level to money, career, substances, people, religion, politics or organizations of any kind. “Free” tackles key elements of the human experience and the emotions linked to them. These topics are dissected and analyzed to stimulate conversation and deep thought. The value of women is highlighted and celebrated. The quality of life in a country, race or community will be judged by how women are treated. I have spoken extensively to children about their heritage and expectations of greatness. My perspectives are embedded in many of these words. There are poems of hope and promise, a plea for peace in our neighborhoods, a call to political and spiritual activity, civility and cooperation and excellence.


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