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Leadership Above the Rim

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Leadership - Above the Rim

Leadership is not only a function of direction, distance and speed. It covers altitude and elevation. Leadership is not limited to those blessed with the height of natural skills. Individuals with ambition who display discipline can develop the vertical leaping ability necessary to play at a higher plateau. History and everyday experiences are filled with stories of individuals who played taller than their height would suggest.

The rim is the goal, target or destination. To reach the rim or exceed the rim requires natural ability or talent honed through many hours of perspiration, dedication and delaying gratification. Leadership is priceless when it takes you into the domain of the high fliers. You can soar among the acrobats who demonstrate the stamina and flexibility to scale heights that would make normal people light headed. The rim is the air space where Goliath competes and challenges the competition, the place where David can turn wishful thinking into a positive reality. The rim is the benchmark for greatness, where the best among us play the game at a higher level. It is the zone of intimidation. The timid stand in awe, flat footed, rooted in place and unable to leave the ground.

Leadership is about elevation, a raised platform and heightened visibility; a bar that causes you to step back and get a running start to leap higher. Leadership is not a drill, a scenario or meaningless exercise. It is in real time, fast paced and energizing. It should be taken seriously, for ineffective use can be life threatening.

Leadership above the rim espouses principles that build courage rather then fear, which encourages people to stay focused on the goal. It sells the adventure and asks the team members to hold on to the railings, adjust their behavior and follow.

Leadership is about visibility and vision; the vision to see where you are, where you are going and to see those who may be lagging behind. Leadership is about assisting people to achieve their potential. It is about credibility through modeling behavior that motivates others to jump higher and strive to play in the higher altitudes.

Leadership above the rim is mandatory to succeed in the playgrounds of industry. It is a perquisite to exceeding professional and personal expectations. This type of leadership will enable companies, teams, workgroups and individuals to excel in the rarefied air of the giants in their field.