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Daily Resurrections

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Daily Resurrections contain 53 poems that challenge people to reflect daily on the state of the world, the status of their faith and the strength of their heart. Daily resurrections begin with the dawn rolling away the stones that cover our eyes, granting us permission to experience sunrise. We respire. The breath in our lungs validates that we are alive. Our body systems are fully operational. We unconsciously appreciate the magnitude and majesty of being blessed with the gift of a new day. Daily resurrections manifest themselves with our eyes and hearts being opened to new ideas, opportunities and pathways to excellence. We experience multiple immersions into various aspects of life. We emerge from these baptisms rejuvenated, cleansed, renewed and empowered. Life has many seasons when we go down into the valleys of discontentment and despair. There are times we are covered and hidden from sight. But eventually if we are fortunate, we spread our wings, as we depart the chrysalis, to rise in victorious splendor. Daily, we are presented with a barrage of challenges that cause us to feel defeated and intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and financially depleted. Through daily resurrections, we showcase our resilience. Through a multitude of spiritual awakenings we unfurl as the petals on a flower, revealing new ways of being and seeing the world. Daily resurrections provide moments of celebrations for the opportunities to enjoy life. We emerge from darkness. We catapult from conscious and unconsciousness with vitality and continuity. Our connection with our Creator makes us spiritually immortal with new perspectives, new leases on life, as we are granted a fresh start. Through daily resurrections we cultivate the skills of continuous awakenings and renewal of the mind, body and soul. The poems featured in this volume were written and compiled for you to reflect on their content. Go where each poem takes. It may be a journey of self discovery, an opportunity to bask in prayer filled moments of praise and thanksgiving or a time of confession of requests for forgiveness. As Christ was crucified on the cross and rose on the third day; as you awaken from sleep and rise from daydreams and nightmares; as you are intermittently buried by situations and adversity, the God who makes all things possible will enable you to rise victoriously.