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The Isle of Knowledge Facilitator's Guide

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This Facilitators’ Guide focuses on many of the key messages found in the Isle of Knowledge.  At times, this guide contains the actual wording and suggested discussion points found in the Participants' Workbook. Therefore, you will sometimes notice a change in tenses within Facilitators' Guide.

The Facilitators’ Guide:

• This guide provides you with additional information to guide a discussion among small and larger groups. You have the freedom to change the format to suite your needs.

 There are a series of questions that participants can answer individually or in discussion groups of any size.

 For the most meaningful discussion, each person should read the book “The Isle of Knowledge” prior to engaging in the discussion.

 You may instruct your participants to read specific portions of the book and focus your discussion on those sections.

 The Participants’ Workbook contains the questions for each section, but only the Facilitators’ Guide has the answers. The facilitator should encourage the participant(s) to write their responses.

 There is a reflective verse at the beginning of each chapter. The facilitator may use the reflective verse as a discussion point to relate to each person or to the group.