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The Grass Is the First to Go

SKU: ISBN-10: 0990755592 $14.95
The Grass Is the First to Go may be described as choral poems or scripted conversations. Their controversial and provocative content is written to inspire and jolt the mind to confront the issues of today. Alien Nate and Me, stages an interaction with an extraterrestrial who questions man's inhumanity to man, as he seeks to explore and understand the rationale behind our thinking and actions. I Protest, was inspired by my niece and others like her to participate in the Black Lives Matter Movement. These brave and vocal young people stand up for justice and equality and against hypocrisy and injustice. My Life Defined, begs the question, what does it say about our lives if our pursuit of pleasure, self indulgences and selfishness direct our behavior toward matters that do not address the major topics of our times? The signature play, The Grass Is the First to Go, speaks to the lack of stewardship and the failure to value opportunity and resources. We should be better custodians of property, relationships and human life. Humanity is our number one asset. Therefore, there is a need to train each other, so we can obtain, maintain and sustain that which has true and lasting value. The stage is set, the curtain goes up, the scenes are there for you to receive and respond.

Paperback: 120 pages
Publisher: Watchwell Communications, Inc (March 30, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0990755592
ISBN-13: 978-0990755593
Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds