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Teach the Children to Dance CD

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Children and adults are motivated by music. The Teach the children to dance CD contain 18 tracks featuring spoken word poetry presentations by the author, set to music. The title song has an arousing pulsating beat in the background, which is replicated as an instrumental at the end of the CD. Excellent is the Expectation contains a short and long version. The long version has a young rapper to provide a youthful response to the powerful messaging.

To the Children in the Family challenges youth to achieve the excellence within as they maintain their independence as is requested in Crabs in the barrel. Dance is used as a metaphor for the skills and abilities that children must acquire to be successful. Throughout these 18 tracks are messages for children and adults alike.

We are dance instructors, gifted by our Creator with talents and abilities that make us unique. We have practiced our craft in church, in school and at work. Our dance routines were honed on street corners, playgrounds, in living rooms, beauty parlors and barber shops, wherever conversations were held. We have learned new moves and perfected our signature techniques along our journey, developing our own sense of style.

As dance instructors, we must capitalize on teachable moments to pass our skills on to our children. They have challenges, as forces try to distract and devalue their potential. We are obligated to inspire, educate, motivate, up lift their spirits and self esteem. They need to have the advantages of old school wisdom and common sense to complement their technology, to create their own dance steps and develop their own sense of style.

We must teach the children to dance and give them the opportunities, resources and perspectives to succeed in a difficult world.