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Look For The Blessings

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Look for the blessing

We are conditioned to complain when things do not go according to plan. We lose our objectivity and dwell on the reasons for our dissatisfaction. Imagine a radical approach. What if we had a shift in perspective and searched for tangible benefits from our disappointments?

Look for the blessing is a collection of reflective poetry (87) that focuses on spiritual matters, deep thinking and the power of love within us. It stirs the spirit, warms the heart and stimulates the mind. The topics are spiritual, relational and intellectual.

Section 2 is devoted to 13 poems written as a tribute to those who are loved, but have passed on to the afterlife. Life and death are natural experiences and the vocabulary of these poems provides sample language and the words that may help you express your joy and grief.

Looking for the blessings is counter intuitive and awkward the first few times you do it. It is helpful to ask yourself a series of questions. What value can I get from this mishap? How can this ordeal make me stronger? Where is the silver lining? Is God trying to get my attention and teach me something? Is this a chance to model behavior that could help someone else through a difficult season?

Looking for the blessing will open you to the possibilities of coping better, seizing opportunities, influencing others and personal growth.