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I Wake Up Wanting You

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I Wake Up Wanting You.

Poor communications is the number one problem among couples. I Wake Up Wanting You is a potential supplement to your solution. It is a resource for romantic partners to speak lovingly, convey their emotions, understand each other better, and spice up their love lives. It can also reduce stress and tension, as well as help establish a tradition of deeper conversations. Each of the 33 poems is a dialogue, a script for lovers to communicate their feelings. Initially, these romantic conversations may feel uncomfortable, because reciting is a new practice and requires a level of vulnerability. But, if you are truly in love or want to be in love, it is worth the investment in time, effort and money. Your relationship could be strengthened by a regular routine of reading to each other and talking about your feelings. The follow-up discussions can release passion, dispel misconceptions and show your appreciation to your special person.

The effectiveness of your lovers’ recital is subject to your creativity. You can use them for marriage vows, weekend retreats, date nights and affirmations of affection. Reciting these words should contribute to your ability to express your feelings and celebrate the richness of your relationship.