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SKU: 7123 $75.00
For Effective And Safe Control Of Sickle Cell Anemia, Sickle Cell Disease, Sickle Cell/ Hemoglobin C Disease, Sickle Cell Thalassemia. Cost is $75.00/bottle for a one month supply. Shipment is $0.00 from 1-6 bottles within the USA. However, the shipment will go up on bottles that are more than 6 bottles. The shipment outside the USA will depend on the country; so your credit card will be charged accordingly.The total tax is 8.517% of total sale. Dioscovite Is an Effective, Safe Patented Oral Liquid Dietary Supplement for Sickle Cell Anemia Control. Preventive Use Of Dioscovite Has Prevented Sickle Cell Painful Crisis, Stroke, Pneumococcal Infections, Chronic Infections, Acute Chest Syndrome, Leg Ulcers And Other Sickle Cell Problems For Over 25 Years-Thus, Making The Sickle Cell Gene Expression A Mild And Asymptomatic State Of Health. Dioscovite Was Discovered By Means Of Electron Microscopy Which Shows That The Ingredient In Dioscovite Exerts Total Inhibition (Abolition) Of Sickling In The Test Tube And Increases The Hemoglobin (Blood Count) In The Sickle Cell Person. Dioscovite is an effective, safe PATENTED oral liquid dietary supplement for sickle cell anemia control. Preventive use of Dioscovite has SAFELY prevented sickle cell painful crisis, stroke, pneumococcal pneumonia, pneumococcal septicemia, acute chest syndrome, chronic infections, leg ulcers and other sickle cell related complications for over 25 years. On Dioscovite and folic acid plus balanced diet, with a lot of protein, clients have built their own blood naturally and remained healthy, without the need for blood from others, and WITHOUT toxicity, for over 25 years. Thus, Dioscovite has made the sickle cell gene expression mild and an asymptomatic state of health for sickle cell clients for over 25 years of use. Dioscovite was discovered by means of scanning electron microscopy which shows that the active ingredient exerts a total (100%) inhibition (abolition) of sickling in vitro (test tube) and increases the hemoglobin (blood count) in vivo (sickle cell person). Cells inhibited from sickling by Dioscovite, circulate and behave normally. They have normal shape, normal lifespan, which allows the blood count to rise in many clients. They do not cause vaso-occlusive crisis, stroke or other problems, making the homozygous sickle cell gene and other sickle cell variants mild and asymptomatic. Dioscovite is one of the greatest inventions on sickle cell anemia in the world, having saved lives when other methods have failed. For instance: • Dioscovite saved the life of a lady, given up for dead, by raising her hemoglobin from 2.0 to 7.3g%, normalizing her enlarged liver, abdomen and legs; reviving her so that she is now able to feed and take care of herself. • Dioscovite saved the life of another lady by raising her hemoglobin from 3.0 to 6.8g%. This client could no longer receive blood transfusion because she was incompatible with blood units due to antibodies from prior transfusions. • Dioscovite saved the life of another lady by stopping the painful crises that had plagued her for ten (10) months, increasing her energy level to enable her walk without help, raising her hemoglobin from 7.0 to 10.5g%, shrinking her swollen body to normal size and shape. • In 2 days, Dioscovite restored to the normal state hands and feet of a six months old baby girl that were swollen for 2 weeks; Dioscovite raised her hemoglobin from 5.4 to 8.6g%; Dioscovite "raised her energy level off the hook!" Her grateful mother writes: "I bless God daily for this (Dioscovite) miracle in our lives. Thank you so much Dr. Agbai, may GOD continue to bless your life changing discovery! " • Dioscovite raised the hemoglobin of a 27-year old man from 6.9 to 9.6g%. After 18 years of Dioscovite use, he writes to say that "Everything (in health) is going very well for me." • Dioscovite increased the energy level and mental capacity of a 17 -year -old young man to enable him attains the HONOR ROLL after he had failed the sixth grade before he started on Dioscovite. • Dioscovite has kept a 9-year-old girl healthy, free from painful crisis for over 6 years. Now she is dancing for her liberation from sickle cell anemia through Dioscovite. • A 5-year-old boy is full of energy and very intelligent for his age that his school wants to promote him from pre- K to the first grade -all because of Dioscovite that boosts mental capacity by increasing oxygen supply to the brain and the whole body! • Dioscovite is a great gift from God to the world for effective and safe control of sickle cell anemia!! • Enjoy your freedom now, through Dioscovite! God bless you and God bless Dioscovite and all that is making it to be produced in Jesus Christ Name. Amen!!!