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Black/Zebra print Girl Apron

SKU: 0204 $18.00
These cute girl aprons are designed to look just like the one moms wear. They are individually handmade with eco-friendly materials that make our aprons even more special. These aprons are really helpful, and will let your baby play with all she wants in her one kitchen with out without messing with her clothes. And because of their great design, they are going to be really comfortable for your baby, and she is going to love wearing it. Are aprons are made with materials that can easily be embellished or embroider. Our aprons like many of our products are made with Eco Twill fabric, and this is made with 65% Recycled Polyethylene made with recycled soda and water bottles so this way we can help reduce landfill wastes. Eco Twill fabric is also made with 35% Organic Cotton. We have two styles of apron for girl. Our bid aprons come in two sizes: a medium one that is 21.5" high and 18.5" long; and a small one that is 18" high and 15" long. Our aprons are made with materials that can easily be embroidered and embellished. A great USA made product.